Thermal calculations

Thermal calculations which gives insight into the actual requirements for e.g cooling or heating in a long range for industrial application. Energy calculation are often based on thoruogh analysis of the application and collection of various weather data which combined is the basis of an exact energy report.

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Creation of mathematical models of power, temperature or control systems. Time discreet modelling enables a unmatched insight into the system actual behavoir and provides the possibilty to simulate various scenarios which otherwise would be trivial and time consuming.

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Development of customer-specific application for handling every-day tasks. A solution to trivial and repetative calculations with automatic generation of calculation results and reports. Or a solution to in-house, rule-of-thumb engineering tasks.

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Vertex engages in solutions for temperature control, energy calculations and software applications.


Calculation and documentation of safety valves

Vertex has develop an application for industrial refrigeration which automates the calculation and documentation of mandatory safety valves. A task which otherwise should be done in hand. By using industry best practices, Vertex has made an application which only requires very few inputs to size and documents the valves.

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Model based fish farming 

Vertex has assisted in the development of the first model based fish farm. The model enables a predictive model for estimating the farms temperature development. A crucial piece of information when designing the plant. The model is recognized internationally and already deployed in a couple of fish farming projects. The model enables prediction of the plants cooling and heating requirements before it is even build.

We call this fish farming 2.0 !

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